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LAZTANA Junior Suite

"One can't without the other. The skin is hot even the edges burn caress me with the palm"

  • living room area with sofa
  • Chimney
  • Italian shower
  • round bath
  • Hästens mattresses
  • Terrace
  • Soundproofing
  • Breakfast in the room included
  • A 45' session in our private spa included
  • Surface: 98 m²
  • Minibar replenished each day
  • Capsula coffee maker
  • Hair drier
  • Couch
  • Rocking chairs

  • Rocking chairs
  • Desk
  • Indoor table
  • Hammocks outdoor
  • Terrace table
  • Wireless telephone
  • Per Purr high-class natural amenities
  • Smart TV
  • Wireless headphones
  • WiFi

The LAZTANA room measures 98 m2, the most spacious one apart from the Suite.It faces east. As it is located on the top floor, the room is ?under the roof?, and you can see the wooden framework that supports the roof, which makes the room higher and gives it a feeling of spaciousness. If you look out onto the terrace you?ll be able to see the trees and the woods that are at the entrance to the hotel. If you are patient and you don?t make much noise, you just might see squirrels or even a fox. This is the room that provides the most privacy in the entire hotel. Filling up the bathtub and taking a bath while you admire the scenery is a very tempting option.? ?

It is a real pleasure to be able to pick up a book, put on some music and sit in one of its reading chairs, or on the sofa and relax, enjoy yourself? look up now and then and admire the scenery. Light the fire in the room, the heat and warmth it provides is wonderful.

All the furniture, wardrobes, bedside tables, pictures, headboards... have been designed exclusively for the hotel. The beds, made by the prestigious H?STENS brand, KING beds with the possibility of double or single beds, are also handmade and designed to ensure that your rest and sleep are as relaxing and restful as possible.

The room is adapted to accommodate not only disabled guests but also Wheel-chair users, so that they can access any part of the room, bathroom and terrace. There are elm tree root washbasins in the bathroom. These trees, that grow on riverbanks, are naturally waterproof. The Per Purr amenities are 100% natural products and are 0% toxic, ecological and sustainable, made with great care by hand. Inside the wardrobe you?ll find the Minibar, with fresh fruit, water, juices, gumdrops, chocolates, and the safe. (The operating instructions are on the inside).?Breakfast in the room and a 45' session in our private spa included.


One nicht stay - packs - from ? 940/pack + 10% VAT

More than one night stay, from ? 750/night + 10% VAT

Breakfast in the room, minibar and welcome detail included !
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